The Lanark County Therapeutic Riding Program has provided equine therapy to disabled children and adults since 1985. 

The Primary Goals of the Therapeutic Riding Program are:

  • to meet the needs of the community
  • improve the quality of life for differently abled persons
  • advocate for healthy living
  • develop partnerships
  • reduce barriers caused by poverty
  • provide an excellent and innovative customer service, and
  • continue to lead in health & social integration.

The most important of all of our goals is staying relevant! 


Soldier Ride

Discussions began in 2015 to create a recreational program serving the Canadian Military.  A pilot project resulted for ill or injured members, active or retired, to enjoy exercise and the benefits of working with our horses.


This program is for ill or injured members of the military created in conjunction with Soldier On principals. Soldier On is a program serving the Canadian armed forces which offers all kinds of support to ill or injured members of the military. 


The priority outcomes of the Soldier Ride are to:

  1. Create opportunity for ill and injured members to participate in a recreational activity receiving one-on-one private equestrian lessons.
  2. Set goals weekly and based on individual skill level, needs and ability.
  3. Create Social opportunity encouraging socialization, sharing & celebrating each other’s successes & accomplishments in a small team environment.  Plus: building relationships with horses encourages trust, compassion & patience.
  4. Create future opportunities for participants to socialize and develop relationships both with other participants, the instructors and volunteers & they learn skills that will last a lifetime.
  5. Qualitative measurement, feedback & reporting: keeping long term goals in mind.


The Soldier Ride is not a therapy session - but we are a therapeutic program so we teach lessons in a safe, non-judgmental and very private area.  Nor is it a pony ride. It's a relatively intense one-on-one private lesson.


We are teaching a skill - basic horsemanship as opposed to therapy. Soldiers learn basic horse care from A-Z. They literally go and get the horse in the field, clean him off, tack him up and learn the basics of riding. Then they take it all off, brush him down and give him a treat.


Soldiers come to us because we cater to their individual needs; such as amputations, paralysis, deformities, burns and lots and lots of post traumatic stress disorders. We accommodate them and make it safe and fun for them to ride, get outside, enjoy the fresh air and spend time with a horse. 


We have certified instructors with many years of experience dealing with all kinds of disabilities and who are qualified to address PTSD issues if they are present.  


We would be happy to answer any questions. More info can be found by contacting your personal Soldier On representative and requesting info about how to participate; information is also available by contacting us directly.